blessed by difficulties

I find You when I fall apart.

The one silver lining, the amazing sparkly silver lining, when going through any sort of difficulty is the NEED to lean on my Maker.  

You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. C.S. Lewis

My soul needs saving daily.  I need saving daily.  When I am sailing through life with no trouble, I will admit, I can get caught up in earthly things.  I can lose focus -- get too busy to open up my Bible.  My prayers are mechanical.  But when there is a hiccup in my plans, the communion I have with my Lord is nothing less than soul-saving.  

When life is heavy and
hard to take, go off by
yourself. Enter the silence.
Bow in prayer. Wait for
Hope to appear.
Lamentations 3:28

Hope.  It appears a lot in my artwork because I cannot live without it.  And it is the Living Hope that keeps me going.  If I didn't have the Hope that Someone else has a plan when my measly earthly plans fall through, I would be sunk.  

Hope anchors the soul.

So I guess what I am saying through all of this is that when I fall apart, I am grateful that my soul has an anchor to hold onto.  

. . . 

I will be starting a new journey on this blog ... one where I delve deeper into my spiritual journey.  There will be 4 posts in the week.  You can see a preview above of the 4 posts for next week.  We are starting November -- which with Thanksgiving always brings to mind being grateful.  I want to focus on how I try to stay grateful when I find myself walking in the woods with only the Light of His Word guiding me.